Monday, December 07, 2015

Wahhabi Islam is the real threat to the West. Look at Riyadh instead of Raqqa to kill ISIS!

Thanks to Dacroix for the link!

Thank to MicMac for finding this image...I think it says everything, except that we need an alliance of all modern countries (the West, BRIC, etc...) to fight first ISIS and then kill the root...yeah, we're gonna need to burn Saudi Arabia to the ground.

In an interview with the German newspaper "Bild am Sonntag," Gabriel said that Saudi Arabia needed "to solve the regional conflicts," but added that it was also necessary to "make clear that the time to look away is past."
"Wahhabi mosques are financed all over the world by Saudi Arabia. In Germany, many dangerous Islamists come from these communities," Gabriel said.
Saudi Arabia follows the ultra-conservative Wahhabi form of Islam and is regarded by some outsiders as a cause of the international jihadist threat.
Time to get real.  Islam has a violent, out of control and lethal strain that is widespread, highly funded and  pushed by a so called ally.

I'm talking about Wahhabism.

Don't be fooled.  If this sect of Islam did not exist,  the ruling family in Saudi Arabia would have to invent it.  The need is to keep young men studious (learning the aspects of the religion), to get them focused and then to have them leave the country to spread its tenets.

The difference between it and other religious sects?  It is violent and is aimed at the West.

Islam has been hijacked?  No.  A sect of it has been aimed away from its natural target and toward the West.  Its really that simple.  If it was nurtured it would be a minor player in the religion.  That's not the case so now we need to deal with.  If you really want to kill ISIS then look at Riyadh instead of Raqqa. 

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