Friday, January 22, 2016

13th MEU Force Recon conducts HRST by Sgt. Tyler C. Gregory

NOTE:  Ordinarily I don't do posts of the "Maritime Raid Force".  The rebranding of Force Recon is a slap in the face of guys I held in high esteem and I didn't want to participate in that.  Additionally I didn't like the move to them being the supported, instead of supporting force.  Putting that aside, I do note that they've finally squared the circle and ditched the external battle belt meme and are using their rigger's belts to carry 1st line gear.  About time someone figured out that these fifty plus dollar belts could do what the "new hotness" platforms could...only better.  Long story short?  The prohibition on Maritime Raid Force pics is over.  BUT I will call them by their proper name.  FORCE RECON!

1st line gear worn on your rigger's belt?  About freaking time!  The platform idea was silly!

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