Wednesday, January 27, 2016

17 year old girl fights off rapist with pepper spray, will be prosecuted on weapons charges!

Thanks to William for the link!

via Daily Mail.
A Danish teenager who was sexually assaulted near a migrant asylum centre has been told she will be prosecuted after using pepper spray to fend off her attacker.
The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her.
But she managed to prevent the man from attacking her further by spraying the substance at him.
However, as it is illegal to use pepper spray, the teenage girl is set to face charges. It is likely she will face a 500 Krone (£50) fine
Local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd: 'It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely to be charged for that.'
The man who attacked the girl fled from the scene and has not yet been charged. It is unclear if the man was an asylum seeker or refugee.
I don't care if its a two dollar fine.  This is a slap in the face of decency and the rule of law.

Europe is about to get what it deserves.  You pet a snake you're bound to get bit.  The sad part is going to be the number of lives ruined and lost because of their foolishness.

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