Monday, January 25, 2016

5th gen fighter for Russia/India back on track...

Thanks to Jaison for the link!

News recently hit that the Russians had flown their 11th prototype of the PAK-FA and now we have this from Business Standard...
Yet the FGFA remains alive. Last month Indian and Russian negotiators achieved a major breakthrough, agreeing to develop the FGFA at a lowered cost of $4 billion (Rs 27,000 crore) in India. That would open the doors to building of 250 FGFAs to replace the Sukhoi-30MKI.
India is playing this SO smart.  They're in the cat bird's seat and they know it.  They're playing all the western corporations along with Russia against each other and getting cutting edge tech at an affordable price.

The PAK-FA lives and since Russia continued development while these talks were taking place, they haven't faced a "stoppage" in development.

IF the F-35 makes it into service it will face not only formidable 4th +++ gen aircraft but also high performance 5th gen planes too.  That sensor fusion better work to perfection or we're just building manned targets.

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