Saturday, January 02, 2016

Arabs, Hitler and Erdogan today...

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via Daily Telegraph.
In a statement that surprised even his critics, Mr Erdogan responded to arguments that putting political power in the hands of the presidency would not work in a "unitary state".

He said there were other examples of its being successful. "There are already examples in the world,” he said.

“You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany. There are later examples in various other countries."

The Turkish presidency at present is largely ceremonial, with most powers in the hands of the prime minister. However, when he was prevented constitutionally from standing as prime minister for a fourth election last year, Mr Erdogan stood for the presidency instead, and has used the position to continue his aggressive Islamist agenda.

I find it interesting that anyone would be surprised by Erdogan using Hitler's Germany as a positive example for governance.  The ghost of the Third Reich floats over the Middle East even today.

Muslim Bosniak soldiers of the HandscharWaffen SS reading a pamphlet written by Grand Mufti of JerusalemHaj Amin al-Husseini titled 'Islam and Judaism.' They wear distinctive Handschar fez headgear, and insignias (scimitars and swastikas) on their lapels.
 Many people that study WW2 focus only on the European and Pacific campaigns.  That's a mistake.  It really was a world war with combat taking place in Africa, S. America and especially the Middle East.

And that's where Hitler found people that fully supported his homicidal policies.  Google "Hitler and Arabs" and you'll find reams of material on the subject.  Not only did Arabs ally with Hitler but it went so far as religious leaders speaking on his behalf.

So don't be fooled by this news story.

People in the West might cringe at Erdogan's statement but it'll be cheered, embraced and fully understood by his target audience.

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