Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Are we seeing a budding insurgency in Saudi Arabia?

via Press TV.
Saudi security forces have opened indiscriminate fire on vehicles and buildings in a Shia-populated town in the country's east, where a contingent of armored vehicles arrived on Tuesday to curb any unrest.
The kingdom is on edge over fears of possible protests following its execution of prominent cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Early Tuesday, armored vehicles stormed al-Awamiyah in a show of force, the Shabab al-Ahrar activism group reported on its Facebook page.
It said security forces then started to fire at about two dozen vehicles in the city, resulting in damage to some residential buildings and shops.
The Saudis are nervous and it shows.

Security forces clamping down when I haven't heard of any protests in country?  They're jumping the gun and raising their skirts.  They know trouble is coming and are doing their very best to keep it at bay.

We need to start asking a serious question.  What happens if Saudi Arabia becomes a failed state?

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