Monday, January 11, 2016

Army Dawgs are going crazy cause the UnderSec of the Army ain't scared to get wet...

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – The Under Secretary of the Army, Hon. Brad Carson, discusses weapons systems with a Special Forces Soldier during a walkthrough on Range 37, Fort Bragg. Hon. Carson met with USASOC Soldiers to gain firsthand knowledge of Army Special Operations Forces and their capabilities. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Daniel A. Carter, USASOC Public Affairs)
The Army's social networks are burning up with this pic of Brad Carson getting a little wet while talking to soldiers at Bragg.

Interesting.  Have we really fallen so far that a simple gesture of masculinity suddenly gets cheers from the troops?

Even more interesting?  This happened back in July of last year but its suddenly the new "hotness".  When the troops start latching onto the smallest signal from leadership that they actually give a damn (like standing in the rain without an umbrella and continuing a dog and pony) then leaders should be REALLY concerned.

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