Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bill O' begs Trump to go to the debate. Fox News is losing terribly on this.

Fox News working hand in hand with the Republican establishment just shot themselves in the foot.  Trump somehow, someway deduced the tactical situation perfectly.  I don't know if the rumors of Kelly being the designated hatchetman for the upcoming debate and that they planned to "take him down" are true.  But even if they aren't, it's obvious that Fox News just placed itself in the camp of being just like the rest of the media.

I've always been suspicious of Fox.  They've always been a bit too strident.  The talking heads with a few exceptions have always seemed a bit empty.  But Bill O' begging Trump to go to the debate tells us everything we need to know.  The fact that he dedicated almost 15 minutes to that one issue is stunning.

Fox News is falling and I couldn't be happier.

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