Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bundy sons at the Oregon standoff arrested, one person killed

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via PoliceOne.
In a statement, the FBI and Oregon State Police said agents had made six arrests: Bundy, 40; his brother Ryan Bundy, 43; Brian Cavalier, 44; Shawna Cox, 59; and Ryan Payne, 32, during a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 395 Tuesday afternoon. Authorities said another person, Joseph Donald O'Shaughnessy, 45, was arrested in Burns.
One of those arrested suffered non-life-threatening wounds after shots were fired and was treated at a hospital, the agencies said. Another individual "who was a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased," they said. The agencies said they would not release further information about the death pending identification by the medical examiner.
Ammon Bundy's group, which has included people from as far away as Arizona and Michigan, seized the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 as part of a long-running dispute over public lands in the West. It was unclear how many people remained in the buildings Tuesday night.
The confrontation came amid increasing calls for law enforcement to take action against Bundy for the illegal occupation of the wildlife refuge. Many residents of Harney County, where the refuge is located, have been among those demanding that Bundy leave. Many sympathize with his criticism of federal land management policies of public lands but opposed the refuge takeover. They feared violence could erupt.
Ammon Bundy recently had begun traveling into Grant County to try to drum up more sympathy for his cause.
The Bundys are the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who was involved in a high-profile 2014 standoff with the government over grazing rights.
Follow the link to see a few pics of the road where the takedown occurred.  This was textbook.

I would BET BODY PARTS that the person killed was a Sovereign Citizen.  There is a day of reckoning coming for that group and the shootout that FBI HRT or US MARSHALs Special Operations Group have with them is going to be a sight to behold.

Kinda surprised that Bundy was taken without injury.  I really thought he would violently resist.

How much you wanna bet that the rest of the people at the federal building slink away in the dark only to be picked up back in their home states during traffic stops for trespassing, and other charges during traffic stops and held on federal charges?

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