Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CENTCOMs final stance on Riverine capture. Nav, engine failure, & capture by Iranians on RHIBs.

Remember this.  The boat in the background along with a similar sized boat are credited with taking down a Riverine Command Boat bristling with weapons.  Is it too much to think that even with available personal weapons they would have been able to repel an assault by these people?  That is the major question I have.  Weapons on hand, yet no resistance?  Motoring away after saying that they had mechanical difficulty?  And yet you still think you're being told the truth by the White House, State Dept, Pentagon and CENTCOM?

via USNI News.
The two RCBs were scheduled to conduct an underway refueling with the USCGC Monomoy in international waters at approximately 2 p.m. (GMT). At approximately 2:10 p.m. (GMT) NAVCENT received a report that the RCBs were being queried by Iranians. At approximately 2:29 p.m. (GMT) NAVCENT was advised of degraded communications with the RCBs. At 2:45 p.m. (GMT) NAVCENT was notified of a total loss of communications with the RCBs. Immediately, NAVCENT initiated an intensive search and rescue operation using both air and naval assets including aircraft from USS Harry S. Truman and the U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard, U.K. Royal Navy and U.S. Navy surface vessels. At the time of the incident, two carrier strike groups were operating nearby. USS Harry S. Truman carrier strike group was 45 miles southeast of Farsi Island and Charles de Gaulle carrier strike group was 40 miles north of Farsi Island. NAVCENT attempted to contact Iranian military units operating near Farsi Island by broadcasting information regarding their search and rescue effort over marine radio, and separately notified Iranian coast guard units via telephone about the search for their personnel. At6:15 p.m. (GMT), U.S. Navy cruiser USS Anzio received a communication from the Iranians that the RCB Sailors were in Iranian custody and were “safe and healthy.”
NAVCENT’s initial operational reports showed that while in transit from Kuwait to Bahrain the RCBs deviated from their planned course on their way to the refueling. The command investigation will determine what caused the change in course and why the RCBs entered into Iranian territorial waters in the vicinity of Farsi Island.
At some point one RCB had indications of a mechanical issue in a diesel engine which caused the crews to stop the RCBs and begin troubleshooting. As the RCBs travel together, the second RCB also stopped. This stop occurred in Iranian territorial waters, although it’s not clear the crew was aware of their exact location. While the RCBs were stopped and the crew was attempting to evaluate the mechanical issue, Iranian boats approached the vessels.
Based upon initial operational reports, the first boats on scene were two small craft with armed personnel on board. Soon after, two more Iranian military vessels arrived on scene also with armed personnel on board.
Initial operational reports indicate there was a verbal exchange between the Sailors and the Iranians but no exchange of gun fire. Armed Iranian military personnel then boarded the RCBs, while other Iranian personnel aboard the Iranian vessels conducted armed over-watch of the boats with mounted machine guns. At gunpoint, the RCBs were escorted to a small port facility on Farsi Island where the U.S. Sailors disembarked and were detained for approximately 15 hours. At this point there are no indications that the Sailors were physically harmed during their detainment. The Navy command investigation will focus on the Sailors’ treatment while in Iranian custody, including any interrogation by Iranian personnel. All indications are that the RCB crews were detained by Iranian military personnel operating from Farsi Island.
THIS IS FUCKING SUSPICIOUS AS HELL!  This is beyond goofy and headed toward the scandal lane.

First.  A navigational issue?  How could they make such a STUPID navigational mistake?  Second.  Mechanical issue?  They didn't have an trouble getting the hell outta dodge once they were released.  Third.  Surrender to a couple of Iranians in RHIBs?  So Iranian RHIBs are capable of taking down a USN Riverine Command Boat?  Correction!  A couple of Iranian RHIBs are capable of taking down TWO Riverine Command Boats?

This doesn't make any sense.  The cover story (yes, cover story) is silly and will only be acceptable to the extremely gullible. The Iranians did SOMETHING that the USN, Administration, CENTCOM and Pentagon don't want to admit.

But ok, let's for a second ACT like we believe the bullshit being heaped on our plate.  The proper reaction by the Navy should be to courts martial this Officer in Charge and kick him  out of the service.

We'll see how determined they are to stick to this version.  Remember people, we've seen Ship Skippers removed for less.

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