Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Desert Vista girls learn the consequences of their choice.

via Arizona Central.
Several days after a photo of six smiling girls wearing T-shirts depicting the N-word brought national attention to a Phoenix high school, the ripple effect continues to alter the lives of the girls, fellow students and the community.
At least one of the girls at Desert Vista High School may have lost the opportunity to play soccer for an Arizona university.
Another has hired a public-relations firm to represent her, according to the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a civil-rights activist who contacted all of the girls' families and coordinated one's appearance and public apology at a protest Monday.
I swear to a God that obviously doesn't give a fuck that you can always find at least one black minister ready to parachute into a racial situation and try and play pathetic peace maker.

But back to the girls.  Hired a public relations firm?  Lost the opportunity to play soccer?  I don't feel even one OUNCE of sympathy.

Oh and to Rev Maupin.  You can take your call for Dept of Education oversight and shove it up your ass.  Those fucks are worthless...just like you.  Go back home.

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