Wednesday, January 27, 2016

European turns from panic to insanity...blames the US for the immigrant crisis.

via RT
In concluding his two-page long post, Baumgartner suggested giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban, who, he said, has done the “right thing” and “protected” his people. He also questioned whether US President Barack Obama, who was awarded the prize in 2009, really deserved it.

Obama “killed more innocent people with his drones, than any of his predecessors,” the athlete pointed out.

Blaming the US for the refugee crisis in the Middle East that has, in turn, flooded Europe with migrants, Baumgartner added that “America destabilized Europe and there is every reason to think that this was done on purpose.”
Oh this is already getting good.  A famous Austrian athlete is striking out against immigration and is bashing the US while he's at it...even going so far as blaming us for the crisis?

This is juicy stuff.

I thought we had till the summer before things boiled over.  I'm revising that estimate.  I think the EU Council President is right.  Two months to get a handle on this thing or its lights out and we see WIDESPREAD violence in the streets.

Sidenote:  I hope the US Army and EUFOR are taking steps to protect servicemembers of color.  It will be so easy for them to get caught up in the coming drama.  A couple of guys out on the town enjoying the sights and suddenly they're mistaken for illegal immigrants based on the color of their skin could lead to something REALLY ugly.  Same applies to dependents.  The DoD better get its head out of its ass and start worse case scenario planning.

Sidenote 1:  This is for my American readers.  Watch this carefully guys!  No not because we could be affected...the current President can only do so much with the time left...the issue is the European mindset.  You will hear more and more how this is the fault of the USA!  They will blame us for two reasons.  The first is that it will shift blame away from European stupidity and second it will set the stage for the US to come to their rescue and solve this problem for them.  This will require draconian measures and the Europeans want to keep their hands clean so the desire to have us do the dirty work is going to be attractive to them.

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