Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Explosions heard in centre of Indonesian capital

Thanks to Fnu Winarto for the link!

JAKARTA, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Several explosions were heard in the centre of the Indonesian capital on Thursday, witnesses told Reuters.
Police were not immediately available for comment, but according to the an official Jakarta police Twitter account one explosion went off in front of a shopping centre called the Sarinah mall. (Reporting by Fergus Jensen; Editing by Robert Birsel)
I'll wait for confirmation but at first glance this has the smell of a terrorist attack.  The location certainly explosion outside a shopping mall?

It seems that the terrorists are on the move worldwide.  They might not be an existential threat to the nation but they can sow all kinds of disruption that can affect not only trade and the movement of people, but if left unchecked could topple weaker countries.

The president is wrong.  This is serious shit!

Sidenote.  I know that he has a fondness to this country, due to his upbringing.  Can't blame him.  Spent time in Germany as an adult and child and absolutely love the place.  OKTOBER FEST is the BOMB!  Having said that I'll be interested to see his reaction to this incident.

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