Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI video of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum...

Thanks to NOoldman1961 for the link!

I've posted videos about police shootings before...of confrontations between police and suspects and have come down on both sides of the issue.  Some are undeniably within bounds (although to the layman they might seem suspect) and others are open to interpretation (the choke hold death of the guy in New York last year...I say choke hold because if that was an LVNR then it was improperly applied).

This video is of special interest because of the response I've seen on the internet.  Quite honestly it reminds me of the response that has been so criticized by so many to the Black Lives Matters protests.

Even when evidence is provided some still cling to the belief that impropriety occurred.  The interesting thing is that the very people that were most vocal in criticizing that impulse by BLM are now stirring the pot with the rumor that Finicum surrendered himself and was then murdered.  Some are even going so far as to claim that he was on his knees with his hands behind his back and was shot execution style.

The FBI released this video to quell those rumors.  I find that curious.  The reason?  Have you ever seen a video released before the investigation into the police shooting has been completed?  I haven't.  Not from the authorities at least (you might see a bystander video).

So that tells us something rather dramatic in my opinion.  The FBI is monitoring social networks and responding to key words and tailoring their response to deal with public reaction.  American Mercenary's human terrain theory is being used by American Law Enforcement.  That is chilling.

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