Friday, January 15, 2016

Fitness Talk. Mental strength!

"It’s always gonna suck. So you are gonna have to get stronger, get harder, get faster. Have fun with it, its gonna suck anyway."
— Marine Recon school instructor. (Surviving the Cut S01E03)
We've talked about supplements, some workouts (more to come on that...trying a new program and no, its not that body/joint breaking crossfit bullshit) but haven't touched on mentality/mental strength.

If you're going thru hell keep going is a common refrain, but talk is cheap.  You have to do it.  Acknowledge the pain (internally) and drive thru.  People in your way or trying to hold you back from your goals?  Banish them like the foul beasts that they are (in other words administer two to the head, three to the chest and dump the rest in the pelvic girdle...metaphorically that is) and drive on.

Hard times are guaranteed for everyone.  Succumbing to it isn't.

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