Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Give an Hour...spread the word and tell a buddy that needs help.

Seph wrote this and I think it deserves an individual post...
Regarding mental health services, do you know Give an Hour? GAH is a nonprofit organization providing free MH services to US military personnel and families. All services are free and confidential, no payment or insurance info is exchanged. I know GAH from helping to get them set up with HIPPA-compliant video for online delivery of services. Good people.
Why is this important?

We talked about it yesterday.  With the President's new executive order, if a doctor reports that one of his patients is suffering from mental illness, then they have the requirement to report that to the FBI so that they will be placed on the "no buy" list when it comes to firearms (yeah, that's an awkward sentence and probably not spot on as far as accuracy but it sums up the big points).

Drill that down to Marines and Soldiers and you have just hit those in the community that need help with a double whammy in one "emotional" news conference.  First, seeking help has been drilled into these guys as being a sign of weakness so once they clear that hurdle...if they clear that hurdle then they're hit with this new, galling, wall pounding reality.

If they seek help then they will lose their gun rights.

I know some guys that would rather give up a testicle than lose the right to keep and bear arms.

So what does this mean?  It means that some of our brothers that need help won't get it because of this order.

Give An Hour can help with that.  They're free.  They're confidential.  They're doing business for our brothers and sisters the way that it should be done.

Get off your asss and pass the word.  We can still get help to those who need it without big brother getting involved.

Sidenote:  I can hear the howls from the liberals now.  All I'm doing is providing cover for the next mass shooter.  To that I say bullshit.  Besides, you're ignoring reality.  I personally feel (and I could be wrong) that this portion of his executive order was aimed squarely at the Veterans Affairs System.  Why do I say that?  Because every other doctor that has patients outside govt systems will ignore this order or risk losing patients.  The VA doctors don't have that ability and will face sanctions if they don't report.  Yeah.  This was aimed at Vets.

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