Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Interesting. Southern Pride tattoo stops young man from joining Marines.

via Marine Corps Times.
The Marine Corps confirmed that a man was told his tattoo of a Confederate flag made him ineligible to join the Marines because it violates the service’s policy on body ink.
“These Confederate flag tattoos have been denied in the past,” said Capt. Dustin Pratico, a spokesman for the 8th Recruiting District. “It’s a not new thing. This isn’t the first time that it’s ever happened. This is just one of the times it happened to catch media attention.”
The story was first reported on Jan. 20 by the Little Rock TV station KARK 4. Pratico confirmed that Anthony Bauswell made a “verbal commitment” to join the Marine Corps on Jan. 18 at a recruiting station in Conway, Arkansas. A staff noncommissioned officer in charge then interviewed Bauswell as part of the recruiting process.
I find this VERY interesting.  I've seen more stars and bars on Marine bases then you'll see out front your local honky tonk.

Oh and I've also had a serious, no shit, tell it like it is conversation with the wearers or displayers of the emblem.  The real deal?  Some don't view it as a symbol of hate but simply pride in where they come from.  Others do have hate attached.  Its an individual thing.

But what has me spinning is the judgements that are being made.  I have no sympathy for racist of any age.  But until its properly and undeniably demonstrated, we should be careful in the labeling.

Having said that I can't wait to see the views on this one.  The defense of the girls was strong.  Will it be duplicated with this?

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