Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Is SOCOM facing a 2016 Wanat?

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This battle told us everything we needed to know about Afghanistan if we would only learn the lessons from it.

We didn't.

What were those lessons.  How about the fact that leaders at all levels of the Afghan govt are compromised and will give info on troop movements/aid the enemy.  How about the fact that these FOBS are not only vulnerable but that supporting fires cannot provide the type of responsiveness that we'd like to believe.  There are tons more so read the report carefully.

Why am I beating this drum?

Special Ops troops are in harm's way and the Pentagon has imposed a bit of message discipline after word came out that they were surrounded.  The obvious lie that troops were left behind to guard a downed helicopter to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy is so ridiculous that I've lost even more respect for so called defense reporters.

Even more worrisome is the fact that we haven't gotten an update that they've been successfully extracted or that more troops were pumped in to start an offensive against this obviously large force that was planted to gobble up our SOCOM forces.

We're seeing something ominous and SOCOM/the White House/the Pentagon and defense reporters are gonna try and bury the truth.

Sidenote:  SCRIBD is playing their usual bullshit games and smashwords (cocksuckers) have a copyright claim on this open source document.  I sent them a nasty gram but if they continue to be idiotic then you can read the document here.

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