Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jessica Lynch's brutal rape is the story about women in combat that don't want you to know.

The three hours following the ambush are still shrouded in mystery, but according to contemporaneous reports from MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders, prisoners from the 507th Maintenance Unit were initially taken not to theSaddam Hussein Hospital, but to a building near Nasiriyah that was being used as Fedayeen headquarters.
Just prior to Lynch’s rescue, American forces found in this building the bloody uniform of a female soldier near a metal bed, electrodes, and a car battery used for purposes of torture. Medical records later revealed that Jessica had been raped without mercy. One can only imagine what both women and the men suffered at the hands of rape-room irregulars known for savaging women and children just for fun.
Lynch was then taken to the Hussein hospital where she was rescued. Outside that facility rescuers found shallow graves containing the bodies of American soldiers, including that of Pfc. Piestewa, the single mother of two young children.
This is not the first time that the truth about a captured female soldier was withheld from the American people. During the first Persian Gulf War, then-Maj. Rhonda Cornum, a medical doctor, was subjected to sexual indecencies within hours of her capture in 1991. An ardent advocate of women in combat, Cornum kept silent about that experience for more than a year. During that time Congress was debating and repealing one of the laws exempting women from combat. Candor about her experience in captivity, which later appeared in her own 1992 book, could have changed the course of the congressional debate.
Jessica Lynch is not responsible for the media’s irresponsible hyping of expedient myths that many people knew to be false. Nevertheless, the fairytale story manipulated public opinion on the issue of women in combat, which ideological feminists keep insisting is “not a big deal.” Thanks to their self-interested demands a decade ago, Pentagon rule changes ultimately led to the capture and abuse of three unsuspecting enlisted women in the earliest days of the War in Iraq.
This is the story that the Obama Administration, Haynie and the USNI Blog and the rest of the idiots that are pushing women in combat are ignoring.

Yeah.  Women in combat is no big deal.  Animals will treat our females the same as they do men.  Keep telling yourself that.

I want to thank my readers for reminding me of this and the shameful cover up that happened.  

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