Friday, January 01, 2016

Liberals are about to go after the Pentagon for waste...and they might have a case...

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via Daily Beast.
We progressives need to work this scandal into every political conversation we engage in, especially when we talk to conservatives. Cutting government spending and accountability are supposed to be core GOP values.

Combine "Known" Pentagon waste (like the 1.5 Trillion dollar F35) with missing pentagon money and you have a good chunk of our entire national debt represented.

"What's that? Body cameras for all cops will be too expensive? How bout we find 1/10,000th of the money we sent to the pentagon."
"Oh really? There's 500 million in provable food stamp fraud going to poor people how bout the 8.5 TRILLION the pentagon can't account for?"
"Oh really? You think Obama care is going to cost us almost a trillion dollars over 15 years? How about the 8.5 Trillion that just disappeared into the ether at the pentagon? What's you're take on that?"

"Oh really, you're concerned about deficit spending and the debt? Fully 1/3 of the national debt it is money we sent the Pentagon and they can't tell us where it went. It's just gone."
"College for everyone will cost too much? You must be really pissed at the 8.5 Trillion, with a 't', dollars the pentagon's spent and can't tell us where it went."
Bringing up this "open secret" exposes their hypocrisy, and draws attention to the lack of corporate media attention to this HUGE SCANDALOUS level of waste by the Military/Industrial/Media ownership of government. It seems for few hundred million in "be all you can be" ad buys the MSM will keep it's mouth shut. We need to press so called journalists to bring this issue front and center. No candidate should be allowed to talk about government waste or big government with out being asked the follow up "What would you do about the massive 8.5 Trillion dollars the pentagon can't account for?

Liberals are telegraphing their punch and this generation of leaders are gonna be hard pressed to put this in a good light.

Quite honestly I don't know enough about the issue to know if this is an outright lie, spinning the truth or something that we should be worried about....but damn it, its so believable!

Even worse?

I have zero confidence in the leadership---both civilian and military---so any pain coming their way will find me cheering instead of rushing to defend them.

If I didn't know better I would think that this is the end phase of a well laid plan.  They pushed all kinds of initiatives that they knew would sour retirees, vets, and other natural military boosters so now they feel free to do what they actually wanted to all along.  Go after the defense budget in a big way.  If that theory is correct then they're either tilting the board completely in their favor or they don't feel confident that they've totally separated the pentagon boosters from their support so they're using the waste, fraud and abuse gambit to ensure victory.

Either way the Pentagon is in trouble.

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