Saturday, January 30, 2016

Listen to this interview with David Frey, one of the remaining militia members in Oregon...

This guy is just goofy.  He almost sounds child like.  He occupied a Federal Building and thinks that he can simply go back to his life in Ohio after all this?  Decisions have consequences and his short term future is grim.

All his talk about the FBI going in to arrest them and how they'll resist is simply bravado.  I don't believe it for one second.

This dude is scared of jail and I don't blame him.  I wonder if he now realizes what he stepped into.  I wonder if it's dawned on him that he's out of options.

Even worse for him?  This interview was allowed so that the FBI could gain intel about the mindset of those that remain.  I'm betting that they're sitting around campfires laughing their asses off and the negotiator is telling the tactical guys to be a little patient.  The fight is totally out of these guys.  They're holding out because of fear, not determination.

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