Friday, January 15, 2016

Major Rhonda Cornum. Soldier, POW, Feminist, victim of rape/torture during the 1st Gulf War.

via New York Times (1992)
On a cold night during her weeklong captivity in Iraq in the Persian Gulf war, Maj. Rhonda Cornum was loaded into a pickup truck with another American prisoner of war, a young male sergeant, and taken from an underground bunker to a small prison. During the 30-minute drive, an Iraqi guard kissed her repeatedly, pulled a blanket over their heads so that they would not be seen, unzipped her flight suit and fondled her breasts.
Major Cornum, a 37-year-old flight surgeon and biochemist from upstate New York, had broken both arms, smashed her knee and had a bullet in her right shoulder as a result of the downing of her Army helicopter. She screamed in pain when the Iraqi tried to pull her flight suit down over her untreated and swollen arms. Before the ordeal was over, she told a Presidential commission on women in the military this month, she was "violated manually -- vaginally and rectally."
Major Cornum's testimony stunned some of the members of the commission, which also learned in the hearing that Specialist Melissa Coleman, the other American female prisoner of war in Iraq, was the victim of "indecent assault."
Does this news shock you?  Are you wondering why you haven't heard it before?  Is it distasteful to you that I bring it up?


This is what Haynie, Ripley and the rest at USNI Blog don't want you to know.  This is what our military leaders KNOW but refuse to be honest about.  This is what the feminist, advocates and just plain deceitful refuse to acknowledge.

We have already had OUR women subjected to the brutal 'handling' of the beasts in the Middle East.

What should stun you even more is the fact that this truth was missing from the debate.  I should have brought this up but it didn't cross my mind and it took my readers to remind me of this.  For that I thank them and apologize to you.

This debate isn't over.  The Obama admin did this in the last year of their term for one reason.  It is unpopular.  Only those jaded people in the elite think this is a good idea.

Besides.  Even if the next President is too cowardly or lives in the same fantasy land as the current one, then its UP TO YOU to explain the reality to any young person (especially girls) that are considering military service.

The leadership might have abandoned its responsibility but yours still remains.

Note:  There are at least two more stories of soldiers that suffered this fate.  I will present them shortly.  Don't turn away.  Don't ignore this.  Some little one that's playing with dolls in the 5th grade will thank you for giving them the cold reality of life.

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