Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Merkel is in serious trouble over refugees. This IS a clash of civilizations.

Thanks to William for the link!

via Telegraph.
Angela Merkel is facing a fresh rebellion over her refugee policy, with more than 40 politicians from her Christian Democrat party reportedly signing a petition to close Germany's borders to asylum seekers.
The rebels plan to call for a vote on the proposal at the next party meeting on January 26.
Mrs Merkel has come under intense pressure to change her “open-door” refugee policy since it emerged that asylum seekers were among the suspects in the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne.
More than 650 women have now come forward to file criminal complaints over the attacks, around 45 per cent of them for sexual assault.
Then this...
Many migrants destroy their passports in order to claim they are from Syria, making it hard to determine where they are from. Some countries refuse to accept the return of their citizens.
The mood in the party is “tense”, Mr Tauber said.
“There are many questions, and a clear expectation that we move forward. We’re working on it.”
But he defended Mrs Merkel’s refugee policy.
“It is still right that we should deal with this great challenge, but of course it can’t go on forever. That’s why we’re working to reduce the number of refugees noticeably,” he said.
“Hundreds of thousands accept the help gratefully, learn German and want to integrate. For those who don’t take that opportunity, the message is: ‘You can’t stay here’.”
Read the entire article, but its obvious that the EU leadership is trying to catch up with public opinion while keeping up the politically correct lie.

This is untenable and if the politicians don't respond to the demands of its citizens then there will be trouble.  Personally I'm surprised they've kept the lid on this long.

One sobering fact.

Its winter in Europe.  What will we see when its warm outside and the pretty girls are walking around in skirts and halter tops?  Yeah.  This shit will get nasty.

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