Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin Demonstrator via Air Recognition.

Thanks to Shkreek for the link!  

More pics here.

Yes I know its just a demonstrator but look at it!  It has the features that we've come to expect from stealth aircraft and takes many design cues from the F-22.  What I find particularly interesting is the X-31 (I believe) type paddle thrust vectoring setup.

One other thing is of note.  We're seeing a whole slew of aircraft being designed that are F-35 sized, twin engine airplanes optimized toward air to air combat instead of strike.

When the post mortem on the F-35 program is conducted that will probably be the biggest mistake made by the planners.  Basing a whole fleet of aircraft on the strike instead of fighter mission was a terrible mistake.

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