Saturday, January 16, 2016

More social engineering for the Pentagon. Next up? Transgenders!

The likely outcome is that the ban will be lifted, as the working group established by Carter set out with the assumption that “transgender persons can serve openly without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.”
Word from the Pentagon was well-received by the American Military Partner Association, a group representing LGBT members in the military.
“Our transgender service members and their families are eagerly waiting for a decision from the Secretary of Defense,” said American Military Partner Association President Ashley Broadway-Mack in a statement. “For far too long, transgender service members have been forced to serve in silence. It is our urgent hope that Secretary Carter will make the right decision, finally lift the outdated ban, and allow our transgender troops to serve authentically.”


I see alot of ass getting beat, but this is the "new" military.  Maybe they really are just this "open" minded.

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