Friday, January 29, 2016

Post Debate Analysis...Fox News Loses Big!

Grabbing snippets of the debate (I didn't watch it) and it seems like Bush finally had a good night (according to all the commentators).  Additionally they all agree that Cruz had a bad night and Rubio got smacked hard.

Trump raised over 6 million dollars for veterans and is the biggest winner.  What has my attention though is Fox News.  They lost big time!

Somehow, someway, thru arrogance and a belief that they had inherent and not bestowed power they miscalculated.  I have never seen a corporation go from masters of their universe to being pushed back to the level of their competition.

Trump made Fox News just another one of the main stream media.  Even more stunning is that Trump took a near win scenario and is lining Iowa up as a romp.  If he has the organization to get his people out then he will win going away.

The real competition is to see who is number two. Even more stunning?  Trump could theoretically (and I'm thinking realistically) win the first four states and barely break a sweat while doing it.

Unless the other candidates get it together this could turn into a movement election.

I know nothing about what he thinks with regard to trade, defense, social issues can easily pull up past comments but he says he's evolved.

The guy is a blank slate.  My new worry?  We could be getting another Obama but under the Republican banner.  My nagging doubt?  Does he actually have core convictions or is it showmanship that is winning the day?

What am I sure of?  Taking a look at the rest of the field, I just can't think of anyone else worthy of my vote except for maybe Paul...and he ain't his daddy.

Are we locked into a cycle of poor leadership?  From Bush Jr, to Obama (two terms each) and onto this field of candidates (on both sides) appears that America is snake bit.

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