Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pour yourself a shot. Jihadi John is confirmed dead by ISIS.

via Free Beacon.
An ISIS media outlet confirmed Tuesday that “Jihadi John,” the terrorist who was hit by a U.S. drone strike in November, is dead.
Reuters first reported the news on social media.
The confirmation comes months after a U.S. drone strike hit the infamous ISIS terrorist in Raqqa, Syria, leading officials to believe that he was killed.
The terrorist was targeted with a drone strike in November when leaving a building to enter a car. An official described the strike then as “flawless.”
“Jihadi John,” a British citizen who was identified early last year as Mohammed Emwazi, appeared in ISIS’ video-recorded beheadings of American and Western hostages. He oversaw the killings of U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.
I have "misgivings" about the idea of targeted assassinations.  Yeah, it comes down to the rules of warfare.  Usually against an enemy like ISIS, I say burn the sand and turn everything into glass but the blowback (and eventually we're going to face an enemy that will have the capability of doing this to us) and the precedent we're setting is worrisome.

But putting all that away, I have rarely seen someone who deserved a painful, agonizing, and slow death like Jihadi John rated.

He's dead and I'm happy.  Good riddance you son of a where did I put that Gentleman Jack?

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