Sunday, January 10, 2016

Romania deports Jordanian terrorist propagandist at gunpoint!

Thanks to Rick for the link!

"During last night police General Inspectorate for Immigration and the Romanian Police carried out a mission removal from the national territory of a Jordanian citizen, declared undesirable in Romania by the Court of Appeal. It was escorted by police from immigration to the country of origin, where he was handed over to the competent authorities, "reads a press release of the Interior Ministry.
According to him, to leave the country on behalf of the Jordanian citizen was the measure of interdicting the entry in Romania for a period of 15 years.
At December 29, 2015, the Court of Appeal upheld the claim Prosecutor's Office attached to the court and declared undesirable in Romania Jamal Abdel Jabbar Khalil Shalas. The decision was taken for reasons of national security, for a period of 15 years
The decision was challenged by a Jordanian citizen and the High Court of Cassation and Justice, which Friday rejected as unfounded the request for suspension of the sentence Civil Court of Appeal. The decision is final.
Jordanian citizen unconditional support group Islamic State (ISIS), which propagate online, even attempting to legitimize attacks in Paris and was willing to be involved in its actions against Romania, according to Romanian Intelligence Service.
Impressive.  It was bound to happen....Europe is ramping up to deal with Islamic extremist in its midst.

The only question is this.  When does this clamp down spread to the rest of Europe and then finally to the US?

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