Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shot Show News. So far one hit...and a MagPul miss...

pics via Soldier Systems

So far this year's Shot Show has been relatively boring (at least to me...and I'm watching it from afar).  The only thing that made me say "wow" was the fact that Glock is now offering factory milled slides for the G19/17.  This will be a bigger hit than the G43.  That's the new hotness in handguns.  Optics will gain more and more followers.

I don't get it with MagPul.  They took aim at the Glock Magazine market but it was a bad miss.  First the factory mags are reliable...very reliable.  Second even if someone wanted cheaper Glock mags the Korean rip offs are beyond adequate and are surprisingly good.  Magpul misjudged the market place on this one.  They'll probably have a hit with the AK mags but I'm not tuned into that market so can't be sure.

Overall Shot Show this year seems to be a huge snooze fest.  Everyone is TRYING to hype it up but can't quite stick the landing.  We'll see if it gets better.

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