Friday, January 08, 2016

That sexual assault rampage just claimed its first official...the Police Chief of Cologne, Germany is fired.

via Daily Caller.
The police chief of Cologne, Germany has been fired over his handling of a wave of sexual assaults that rocked the city New Year’s Eve.
Officially, Wolfgang Albers will be going into early retirement at the age of 60. But according to Reuters, Albers isn’t simply quitting, but was pushed out because of his role in what has become a Europe-wide scandal regarding police handling of crime linked with migrants from the Middle East and Africa.
The move was first reported by the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, a local newspaper. Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said Friday the move was necessary to “restore public confidence” in Cologne’s police force.

I've had several European readers attempt to claim that this was no big deal and that news reporters were overblown.

We know differently.  I've received several e-mails that linked to a virtual firestorm of public anger over the incident.

The Chief is the first official to suffer the axe...he won't be the last.  He followed orders so this will eventually wind up on Merkel's door steps.

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