Saturday, January 16, 2016

The 2nd production J-20 is here.

Pic via China Defense Blog (more at his spot)

This is for the fan club that has pushed the meme that we've already spent too much money on the F-35 to abandon it now and to start a crash program on a dedicated fighter for the Navy, Air Force and a cheap version of the F-35 for the Marines.

If you bastards had gotten it right.  If the plane kept its schedule and was already filling the skies then no worry.

But it didn't.

Now?  Now the Chinese are zooming full speed ahead with what I believe is a long range interceptor and/or deep strike fighter.

The program managers failed to act with a sense of urgency.  Drink it in.  That's your first vision of US air superiority slipping away.

Sidenote:  Many of you will point to the trouble that the Russian/India PAK-FA is having.  Let me hit you with a what if.  What if the Russians say "fuck it" and sell the Chinese advanced engines in exchange for producing a license built Russian model?  Stranger things have happened.

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