Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The cover story for the two CB90's that strayed into Iranian waters makes no sense.

Thanks to MiloMonkey for the link!

"Rescue teams from the Harry S. Truman Strike Group — which includes the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman — responded, apparently too late, and remain in the vicinity."
This whole thing stinks to the rafters and if you have just a LITTLE military knowledge then you'd be asking some questions.

Like....Riverines provide escort to large ships in congested waters.  This was obviously what they were doing when this all started.  Why was the CSG so late in responding to help?  The French carrier conducting strikes was also near by, if the US carrier was tied up then why didn't they respond?  Unless both boats suffered mechanical trouble then simply towing one back to base is 101 basic seamanship.  Why didn't they do that?  One last thing.  The Iranian Navy fired rockets near a US warship not more than a couple of weeks ago.  Why weren't they better prepared to handle this possibility?

The Pentagon is showing itself to not only lie, but to be bad liars too. The bigger issue is why don't defense reporters have the basic  knowledge to ask these very simple questions.  Is it because they've gotten to the point of simply regurgitating press releases and not inquiring about obvious falsehoods?

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