Friday, January 15, 2016

They're all missing how pissed people are and why Trump could actually win.

I'm watching coverage of the debate this morning, read a couple of articles and they've all come to the same conclusion.  Where once they joked about the Donald Trump candidacy, they now acknowledge that he could win.

More importantly we're seeing something even more dramatic that could sweep the Western world.

We're seeing a rejection of business as usual.  No one is buying what mainstream Republicans or Democrats are selling.  This is why I believe that globalization is unraveling (I'm still stunned by the idea that the US economy could be affected by a downturn in China...that was once unthinkable!).  Its also why I can see the US leaving Europe, Russia and the Chinese to deal with the mess that is the Middle East.  For agreements to be reworked to fairness, not just so called "free trade".

It has finally dawned on people that we need to take care of home first.  Trump could be a second Regan, or he could be another Obama simply telling people what they want to hear (his lack of actual position papers is beginning to grate).

We'll see, but one thing is certain.  A wholesale rollback of all the liberal policies that we've seen over the past 16 years (yep, Bush Jr was liberal except when it came to military adventurism) is about to happen.

This will be an interesting election.

Like it said in a Free Beacon article...this is Trump's election to lose.

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