Friday, January 08, 2016

This is your new Marine Corps....outsources Leadership Decision Making Training...

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via TimeDotCom.files.
Contract Number: M00264-11-C-0012 Contract Type: FFP Incumbent and their size: II Corps Consultants, Inc. Method of previous acquisition: Sole source Brief description of the current program/effort: The Training and Education Command (TECOM) through the Commandant’s Small Unit Decision Making (SUDM) initiative referred to as MCV&S Task 1, has been leading the effort to better prepare Marines for combat by establishing a climate of reflection and continuous experiential learning at the lowest levels. Currently TECOM is assessing a host of emerging SUDM initiatives and establishing a service-level Instructor Development Program (IDP). To achieve this, TECOM MAGTF Training and Education Standards Division (MTESD) has conducted a series of Instructor Development Sessions (IDS) with the Schools of Infantry (SOI) East and West; executed a Making Good Instructors Great (MGIG) pilot course; developed an Instructional Tactics and Assessment Techniques Handbook and Pocket Guide; and is in the process of creating educationally focused scenario-based evaluations within the Marine Corps University (MCU). Contractor support is required for research and analysis in support of this mission.
The Marine Corps that you once knew is dead...outsourcing leadership training?

Welcome to this new pussified, silly Corps.  Thank you Amos, Dunford, Neller, Haynie, Ripley and USNI Blog.

You won.  I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor.  God knows that America won't...especially once this "new" Marine Corps gets its ass handed to it.

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