Saturday, January 09, 2016

Turkey is working on its new LHD....

Design completed the first national frigate "TCG Istanbul 's after the Navy on behalf of the Command and was built in Sedef Shipyard in Istanbul by the Defense Industry Undersecretariat, Turkey's largest and name of the equipped warships and board numbers were announced. Our country approved by the Turkish ship battle will be the main ship of the navy Lloyd (klaslandır be) learned the name TCG Anatolia was identified as. TCG designed 225 meters long Anatolia, will host the first in many respects. Redesigned runway for fighter planes and combat helicopters, made ​​more convenient with a 12-degree slope. Thus aboard F35B class, 5th Generation can be in the hunt and bombers. 8 advanced warship to carry the helicopter, Aegean, Black Sea and Mediterranean in the theater and needed the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean 's that can be used. TCG will serve as the main ships of our Navy Anatolia, the swivel motor Osprey aircraft will allow you to make day and night operation capacity will also have a flight deck. Osprey helicopter although it contains many maneuvers when the aircraft will make many features known.
This part from the same article made me giggle like a school girl...
In addition to the 700 people at the same time bulunabileeg amphibious force of 400 thousand people in total vessels, marine landing craft can carry 8.
Google Translate, you're drunk...go home.  About 2 years ago I would have cheered this news and been excited by the thought of Turkey buying the F-35B and MV-22.  Now?  With Erdogan going crazy, the country tilting toward fundamentalist Islam and away from modernity, I find myself still wanting them to buy those aircraft...only because I know it will hamper their efforts.

Of course this is another piece in the regional power play that's going to come to a head soon.

We have Turkey vs. Saudi Arabia/GCC vs Iran.  All three want to be top dog and all three are gearing for war.

When that shit kicks off the suffering will be great as will the loss of life.

I don't care.  Pass the popcorn.

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