Wednesday, January 13, 2016

USMC announces combat jobs open to women.

via Marine Corps Times.
The Marine Corps plans to announce that roughly 240 enlisted female Marines have qualified for combat arms military occupational specialties, including rifleman, amphibious assault vehicle crewmembers and tank crew members, a Marine Corps official said.
When the announcement officially comes, the female Marines will be able to apply for lateral moves to those MOSs. It is not yet known when they will be able to move. That information is expected to be detailed in an upcoming Marine Corps-wide administrative message.
Congrats Haney, Ripley and the USNI Blog.  You won this fight.  It appears that the "leak" about Neller meeting with the SecDef was another calculated lie to appease the masses.

Well done on his part.  I actually thought something might come of it.  Also the Marine Corps Public Affairs Office is to be congratulated.  The put this news out on the night of the State of the Union and word that 10 Sailors had been captured.  You people are operating like a well oiled political machine.

This new Marine Corps is going to be a perfect reflection of the Obama Administration....much talk, little substance and image means everything. 

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