Saturday, January 02, 2016

When the agenda doesn't match public concerns. Executive action on guns while terrorism runs wild.

via CNN.
President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss options for tougher gun restrictions and is expected to announce in the coming days a new executive action with the goal of expanding background checks on gun sales.
Described as "imminent" by people familiar with the White House plans, the set of executive actions would fulfill a promise by the President to take further unilateral steps the administration says could help curb gun deaths.
Plans for the action are not yet complete, and those familiar with the process warn that unforeseen circumstances could delay an announcement. But gun control advocates are expecting the new actions to be revealed next week, ahead of Obama's annual State of the Union address, set for January 12.
I always thought that the last year of this President's term would be the most dangerous for the American people.

Why do I say that?  Because this President in particular seems intent on pushing his pet legacy items instead of dealing with whats on people's minds...or what they're concerned about.

This gun control legislation is exhibit number one.

We're seeing acts of terrorism spring up all over the globe.  Quite honestly I've wondered if we're seeing some type of coordination, but put that aside for a moment.  What are the American people concerned about?  Terrorism, the economy, and immigration.  What is the President pushing?  Gun control, climate change and free trade.

This should be a snoozer of an election.  The Republicans should run away with it...but they won't.  They'll help with free trade legislation, continue to beat up on Unions (never understood how working class people in a Union could be turned into the enemy),  continue to push tax cuts for the rich and will generally piss off their base when they plot to put their handpicked establishment candidate into the race.

I wonder what happens when the elite political class ignore the needs/concerns of the people?

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