Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Black US Servicemen not welcome in Eastern Europe.

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via Observer.
In 2015, during the Independence Day parade, while African-American troops wearing NATO uniforms marched on the main street of Estonia’s capital, local racists shouted all kinds of racial slurs, including, “Go back to your grandparents in Nigeria!”
Since then, there has been evidence of racism against American NATO troops in restaurants, hotels and on the streets of Estonia, where “Go back to Nigeria!” has become a widely used attack toward dark-skinned American soldiers.
The situation has become so intolerable that the Estonian Air Force Supreme Commander Jaak Tarien addressed it publicly on his Facebook page last October, apologizing on behalf of his countrymen to his NATO counterparts.
He wrote that his fellow Estonians, with their racist attitude toward dark-skinned NATO soldiers serving in the country, made him feel both ashamed and embarrassed.
“Today, my countrymen’s behavior embarrassed and ashamed me,” he posted on October 28, 2015. Mr. Tarien became aware of the intolerable attitude toward African-American NATO troops during the observation of test flights by the newly arrived American squadron, when he asked his black colleagues from the U.S. Air Force Command, “How are the more than 300 troops from your squadron feeling in his beautiful country?”
This shit was happening before the influx of immigrants into Eastern Europe but since its happened....

Force protection officers better get their shit together.  Reality is a bitch and unless they eventually want to see a black serviceman killed then they should take steps to give them the awful truth.

If you're black and in Eastern Europe you don't go on liberty.  Its wrong, it sucks, it shouldn't be that way....but it is.  My spill would be to take the pain but live and prevent an international incident because some hoodlum there got stupid.  AND THEN I'd do my best to get the Battalion Commander to arrange space available air travel courtesy of whatever govt and have my guys taken to France, Germany, or Denmark for a good time.

This is life for black servicemen in certain countries....and life isn't fair...so you just deal.

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