Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bundy booking sheet...and what will militia 2.0 look like?

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group
Cliven was on his way to Burns when he was arrested by the Portland FBI. As soon as he landed at the airport in Portland, SWAT and FBI took him into custody. Apparently, he faces federal charges related to his standoff with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in 2014. The charges include a conspiracy charge to interfere with a federal officer -- the same charge lodged against two of his sons, Ammon and Ryan, for their role in the Jan. 2 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns. He also faces weapons charges.

This is interesting.

I thought that they would make a move to arrest Bundy after this whole thing was over, but I guess his going to the site made this a no brainer. The real question is how are they going to go after the other people that were involved at his ranch. Are arrest warrants going out for the shooters positioned on the overpass (I refuse to call them snipers or even designated marksman...not after the performance of the group in Oregon)?

Regardless, the militia movement has taken a big hit. YouTube is filled with "outrage" and talk of heading out...but its only talk. The reinforcements that the final 4 were expecting will never show up. Sunshine patriots or people using common sense? Either way the amount of finger pointing, accusations of being snitches/undercover agents, and expecting others to go while they remain safe will break the movement as it now exists. What bears watching is militia 2.0.

Will it come back in an improved form? Will it have an even more "military" type tone to it? Will they do background checks on people before they're allowed to join? Most ominously, will the 2.0 version be underground?

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