Monday, February 29, 2016

Capt Higgins of the St Landry Parish Sheriff's Office resigns (viral video on thugs)...what's behind this?

Thanks to Tony for the link!

Do you remember the above video?  Do you recall me stating that it gave me morning wood in the middle of the day?  Well I dropped coverage on it because I was simply waiting for arrests to be made.  What I do know is that the community rallied around the Dept.  Unfortunately I also know that several rights groups (most notably the ALCU ..article here) protested stating that the terminology used was disturbing.

This gang was preying on the black community and the Sheriff's Dept was going full force to protect the community from a clear threat.

But now.  Just now I hear that Capt Higgins resigned.  I don't understand why.  The Sheriff's Dept and Capt Higgins got nothing but praise and support from ALL parts of the community and the only people complaining were from outside of LA.

Is this political?  Is he about to run for office?  He says he's gonna continue to be a cop so what gives.  Watch his resignation announcement here.

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