Monday, February 22, 2016

Confirmation of what I've been saying. Chinese radar on man made islands could put stealth aircraft at risk.

via USNI Blog.
A possible new Chinese radar installation in the South China Sea could put American and allied stealth aircraft at risk as part of a wider detection network similar to U.S. efforts to find Russian bombers in the Cold War.
Late January satellite imagery from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and DigitalGlobe show the installation of what’s likely a high frequency radar installation the Chinese disputed holding of Cuarteron Reef near the Philippines.
The imagery from DigitalGlobe shows a field on the island with 65 foot-tall poles in a field on reclaimed land on the reef – China’s southern most holding in the region – that are similar to other maritime HF radars, Greg Poling, head of the center’s Asian Maritime Transparency Initiative told USNI News on Monday.
“Why would you have 20-meter poles spread across this features if it’s not high frequency radar? ” Poling said.
“Maybe a giant tarp?
Well no shit they're setting up an integrated defense network!  How can a backwater blog see all this yet the brainiacs in the DoD only come to this realization during the last months of their term?

Its all slipping away and while our civilian and military leadership fiddle, the enemy is working hard to nullify every advantage we have.  The glorified F-35 is costing us more and more.  What happens when its just an expensive Super Hornet because the Chinese can see it when it takes off from Okinawa?  What is the plan B when the vaunted stealth of the F-35 no longer provides ANY advantage?

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