Saturday, February 06, 2016

Debate observations...

Tuned in and my first thoughts on the debate...

1.  Christie beat Cruz  not Cruz, he beat Rubio like he stole something.  That boy in the bubble meme is starting to stick.  That should be worrisome to the Republican establishment.  Their best bet to go one on one with Trump is being compared to Obama and Christie is make the visual work.

2.  Poor Jeb.  No insult to any of my readers that suffer mental retardation, but Jeb just stands at the end of the stage with that silly ass grin looking retarded as hell.  When he tries to show a bit of strength it looks like it's forced.

3.  The moderators have absolutely NO control of this debate.  Everyone is walking all over them...even Carson is pushing them around!

4.  Has anyone else noticed that these guys have fully embraced the Neo-Con view of the world?  If we nominate a guy that believes in being the world's policeman then we will guarantee a Republican loss.

NOTE:  This thing is lackluster.  I don't know if it's the way that ABC is running this thing but it's not at all compelling.  It might be time to watch a rerun of Dragon Ball Z or something.

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