Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FBI Tac Teams are done playing games. Surround Oregon 4 with armored vehicles...LISTEN TO A LIVE STREAM!

I guess the psych boys have had their day in the sun and now the Tac Teams are about to go hot.

My guess is that this show of force will be enough, but who knows.  I'm betting they'll give them about 5 hours.  If they storm the building it'll come about 3 or 4 am.....just enough time to let the adrenaline wear off from seeing the armored vehicles roll up and just before one in the compound had night vision so the FBI owns the night....

UPDATE!!!  You can listen to the craziness here...the Oregon 4 are broadcasting live!

UPDATE!  The people inside are FRANTIC!  One guy is absolutely losing it! They're praying and I really wonder if that dude might not do something really stupid!

UPDATE!  The guy doing all the shouting is Micheal Fry.  His wife is screaming that she won't go to jail.  This is sounding like it might go sideways.

UPDATE!  This went weird because someone went out on a ATV and they got chased back into the compound.  It seems like the Oregon 4 did the escalation by giving the appearance that they wanted to escape.  Maybe the Tac Team is ready to let this go on a bit longer and this was just one of those "unplanned" occurrences that happens.

UPDATE!  Better LIVE FEED here!  An Oregon Assemblywoman is trying to talk these people down but failing terribly.

UPDATE!  Weird.  They're suppose to be hardcore but no one is doing weapons checks, no one is fortifying, no one is getting ready for a fight.  All they're doing is screaming and shouting talking about they hear helicopters coming in and all kinds of ministers and religious types are calling in. 

UPDATE!  Fry just said that he'll take them out if they fire on him.  Interesting.  You know the FBI is monitoring this stuff and the FBI Tac Teams probably found this all funny as hell till he said that.  He just made himself TARGET NUMBER ONE when they do the breach.

UPDATE!  I still say the US Marshals Special Operations Group is the best in the federal service when it comes to trigger pullers.  I've seen those guys and they take it to a new level.  But the psychological ops that the FBI is running is nothing to sneeze at.  They have taken the measure of these people and they're playing them like one of those multi million dollar violins.  New personal task?  Stop hating on Human Terrain and PsyOps theory.  I need to study it.  That shit is real.  It doesn't work on religious extremist but it does work on Americans.

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