Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Focused on Russia when China is the real threat.

via AOL Breaking Defense.
“This month’s deployment of HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles on Woody Island in the Paracels, while notable, does not alter the military balance in the South China Sea. New radar facilities being developed in the Spratlys, on the other hand, could significantly change the operational landscape in the South China Sea. And along with the development of new runways and air defense capabilities, they speak to a long-term anti-access strategy by China—one that would see it establish effective control over the sea and airspace throughout the South China Sea.”
These are the words of Admiral Harris and should serve as an eye opener for those in my audience that keep insisting that the radar facilities the Chinese are building are no big deal.


Full disclosure.  The reason why the Chinese worry more than Russians is historical and social.

We know how to fight Russians.  We have planned for it for over half a century.  Additionally we've had success in fighting in the European theater.  Now compare that to the fights we've had in Asia.  From a historical perspective the fights have always been deadlier, bloodier and required enormous sacrifice of men and material in order to gain victory...if we were victorious.

The Russians will self contain.  Even if we allowed them to run free the actual number of countries under threat are only a few (and no I AM NOT saying that we should allow any country in NATO to fall under Russian rule).  China on the other hand seeks to dominate the entire region, not seeking security thru a type of modern day buffer zone.

The Pentagon has been focused on Russia but it desperately needs to do a real deal pivot to dealing with the China threat! Hopefully before its too late. 

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