Wednesday, February 03, 2016

How big a role did social media monitoring play in the Oregon standoff?

Above you see a vid put out by Mark McConnell regarding the shooting of Lavoy Finicum.  McConnell was detained and later released while the rest of the group remains in custody.  This is a point of much debate within the militia community as you'll see in the video below.  But what really caught my attention is what he said about the role that social media played in determining who they would arrest.  He says that they asked him if he was a militia member, and that he got the impression that they were arresting people that put up inflammatory video on YouTube or FaceBook.

American Mercenary (when he was blogging) stated that Human Terrain Theory is the future when it comes to counterinsurgency work.  He was wrong (unless you count counter govt groups in the US to insurgents).  Human Terrain Theory is the future when it comes to law enforcement.  More stunning is what we all know but apparently don't take serious enough (especially me) monitoring of certain groups IS taking place.  All it takes is one incident to highlight you/associates and you're toast.

ISR, psychology and group dynamics.  That's where law enforcement is headed.

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