Saturday, February 13, 2016

How did the USMC declare IOC for the F-35 if the USAF is talking about all these problems?

Thanks to Rami for the link!

via Investors Business Daily.
he Pentagon must mitigate key software issues in Lockheed Martin‘s (LMT) F-35 by late spring, or else the Air Force might have to delay declaring its variant combat-ready.
The plane needs to be rebooted once every four flight hours, Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, the F-35 program’s executive officer, said at a briefing late Wednesday. “Not a good metric.”
The team is working to bring it to once every eight or nine hours, as on legacy planes. He added that the F-35 is “a lot better” than where Lockheed’s earlier stealth fighter — the F-22 — was in its early days.
Of particular concern is how the software in the F-35’s sensors work with the main computer. If it isn’t improved by the end of May, the Air Force might have to push back the Aug. 1 target date for the F-35A’s initial operating capability (IOC).
“If you don’t get that right, the system just clogs,” Bogdan said.
The service has a window of August to December to declare the F-35 combat-ready, but Bogdan said that Aug. 1 was the only date in his mind.
So wait one fucking minute.

The USAF is talking about delaying IOC because the software is still tits up, and the plane needs to be rebooted once every four flight hours....but the USMC declared IOC last year????

You've heard me say that people need to go to jail over this airplane and I stand by that.  We're looking at criminal the very least we're seeing the standards of the Marine Corps being trampled on and behavior unbecoming of a Marine Corps Officer(s)!

I expect better.  Clean your fucking house Neller.  I smell a terrible stench coming from HQMC when it comes to the F-35! 

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