Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Its official. ISIS is in Afghanistan doing ISIS shit (graphic vid...not safe for politically correct workspaces).

We need to get our training programs under control.  Too many skills are being passed on to bastards that are getting ready to use it against us.

But back to ISIS doing ISIS shit in Afghanistan.

If you don't have time to watch these animals train then fast forward to 7:19.  You can see the poor fool being led to his fate and then the fear in his eyes before he's gunned down.

We need to totally rethink our Middle East policy.  What we're doing is NOT working and seems to be making matters worse.

Sidenote- I jumbled my info and posted pics of an execution in Syria.  This vid is correct and points out their move to Afghanistan.  Oh and don't ask me to explain the tribal politics and where they fit in between the Taliban and the Govt, formerly known as the Northern Army.  I have no idea.

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