Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Just stop. The tragedy of the CH-53's is bad enough without this stupidity!

To bring everyone up to speed, the USMC lost two CH-53's in the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't cover it because "I heard some things" and didn't want to wade into those waters...especially after Marines lost their lives.

Lo and behold, a certain meme popped up.  I've ignored it and sent every e-mail I got on it into the proper file...TRASH.  Yet even now it continues.  Check this garbage out...
Russia have expressed their horror at the downing of two US Marine helicopters by Turkey last week, which killed all 12 soldiers on board.

A Turkish Air Force fighter jet fired a two American CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters being flown by the US Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) over Kurdish held territory in Syria.
US forces had been dispatched from Ayn al-Asas Airbase in Iraq for a routine re-supply mission of US and British troops embedded within the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG), who were fighting ISIS militants near the Turkish border.
Whatdoesitmean.com reports:
Immediately upon Federation Aerospace Forces detecting this Turkish “unprovoked” attack upon these two MARSOC helicopters, this report continues, Russian commanders notified the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar advising the American’s of their willingness to assist in search and rescues missions, but which the US commanders stated they did not need as their own TRAP forces (tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel) had already been alerted.
Most outlandishly, this report notes, is that within 5 hours of Turkey shooting down these two MARSOC helicopters in Syria, Aerospace Forces satellites monitoring the Pacific Ocean region detected what they believed at the time to be an unannounced test of a US Navy RIM-8 Talos missile (editor's note; this missile is LONG retired) in the waters surrounding the Hawaii Islands—but which within two hours of its firing and exploding the US Navy announced two of its CH-53 helicopters had “crashed”, and just yesterday announced they had ceased attempting to find either these aircraft or its crew members.
As to why the Obama regime would deliberately conceal from the American people this “deliberate war crime”, this report explains, is due to their fears of what the reactions of their citizens would be upon learning that these 12 brave US Marines were killed by their own NATO ally Turkey—who at the exact same time the US is fighting with and assisting the Kurdish peoples in fighting Islamic State terrorists, Turkey is doing everything it can to destroy them.
This is plain wrong.  Marines died and some choose to play the geopolitics game.  Just fucking stop. 

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