Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Lack of armor, dependence on airpower makes Europe vulnerable to a Russian attack...

via Foreign Policy.
Tanks are few and far between now in NATO countries, the report said. Germany’s arsenal of about 2,200 main battle tanks in the Cold War has declined to roughly 250. Britain, meanwhile, is planning on pulling out its last brigade headquarters left on the continent.
With only light infantry units at the ready in the Baltics, U.S. and NATO planners are also worried about the continued Russian arms buildup in the exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast between Poland and Lithuania, and Moscow’s intention to build a new air force base in Belarus, just south of the Polish-Lithuanian border.
The war games run by Rand underscored how U.S. and NATO forces lack the vehicles and firepower to take on their Russian adversaries, which have maintained more mechanized and tank units. NATO ground troops also lacked anti-aircraft artillery to fend off Russian warplanes in the Baltic scenario.
“By and large, NATO’s infantry found themselves unable even to retreat successfully and were destroyed in place,” the report said.
I've pounded the table enough on this subject.  Replace NATO infantry with Company Landing Teams and Russian firepower with their Chinese counterparts and you have the same result.

The Special Ops/Small Wars/Transformationalist mafia have destroyed US ground power.  Our allies trying to "remain relevant" followed our lead and did the same.

The result?  Current military leadership designed the wrong force for future threats.  The Pentagon did the cool thing (especially the Marine Corps which is especially irritating) and now our enemies are licking their chops waiting to pounce.

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