Thursday, February 11, 2016

Majority of Women oppose registering for the draft.

via Free Beacon.
Some conservatives believe that imposing draft registration on women is survivable policy and goodpolitics—and there are plenty of others who disagree with them. Those who favor allowing the change to happen tend to see the issue as another culture war the GOP is destined to lose, harming Republicans at the ballot box and stealing oxygen from more important matters. Either way, it’s a hot issue on the right: Just within the last 24 hours, one prominent Republican Senator has come out for registering women, while another has said he’s introducing a bill to stop any such thing from happening.
And now, Rasmussen has released a survey that provides some clarity and basis for political calculation. The headline figure: Only 38 percent of likely female voters support the proposed new requirement, while just over half oppose it.
Personally I oppose registering women for the draft.  But since I was called a caveman for opposing women in combat then I guess its time to evolve on the issue.

Consider this....most men probably oppose registering for the draft too!

This is the first time a feminist issue has had real consequences for the entire sex.  The needs of a VERY few will affect the majority that want no part of this.  Interesting isn't it.

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